CETI8 MK3 With Triangles

With the changing market, Molins Cerulean has been aware of the need for testing e-cigarettes and has developed and manufactured a range of electronic cigarette testing devices.


Carton Testing

PCT With Trans

Molins Carton Testers measure crease strength, box forming force and frictional properties in preformed cartons.






Molins offer automated tube packing machines reducing the manual requirements of high-speed tube manufacturing. 






Smoking machines to physical attribute testing for cigarettes, cigars and filter rods and their raw materials for QC and QA purposes.




Latest News

7th July 2017
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8th June 2017
Molins Announcement



15th May 2017
Orbit 20 video now available




Air Sampling



The Molins Air Sampler has been designed to monitor the enzyme risk in accordance to the current legislation that requires manufactures to control the exposure to air-borne particles by a combination of training, engineering and process control measures which limit, monitor and record the exposure in given periods of time in defined work areas.